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IBDP ab initio and German B (SL and HL) tuition:

IBDP ab initio and German B (SL and HL) tuition:


One of my many career highlights was teaching the IBDP German courses. As you might already know, they are distinctly different to any of the other post-16 curriculum models, i.e. the A Level programmes of study.


I particularly like the focus on spoken, written and visual texts in the ab initio.


On the ab initio flyer, the IBO summarises the Areas of Study as follows:



• Receptive skills: the ability to comprehend straightforward written and spoken language.

• Productive skills: the ability to write and speak the target language effectively.

• Interactive skills:

the ability to understand and respond effectively to written and spoken language.



• Individuals and society – Daily routines; education; food and drink; personal details; appearance and character physical health; relationships; shopping • Leisure and work – Employment; entertainment; holidays; media; sport; technology; transport • Urban and rural environment – Environmental concerns; global issues; neighbourhood; physical geography; town and services; weather



During the course, students are taught to understand and produce a variety of spoken, written and visual texts. Use of authentic texts is encouraged. Examples of texts to be studied include articles, letters, maps, timetables and web pages."


In addition, I always enjoyed focusing on

communication and media aspects, such as advertising, bias in media, the press, sensationalism, as well as the global and social relationships issues addressed in the German B courses (SL and HL) and, of course, the literature content in HL, see the Language B HL flyer.


The Language B SL flyer also offers a summary for those new to the IBDP.


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