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German conversational sessions and    BUSINESS GERMAN:

„Sönke is an extremely likable and personable man. He is always smartly dressed and punctual. When he arrives, he is in a good mood and always well prepared for our lesson. Our lessons are very enjoyable and Sönke finds great ways to engage with me. He doesn't take himself too seriously which I love. If he is prepared to laugh at himself then you don't feel embarrassed about making a mistake as you try to learn. Putting people at ease is such a talent to have and he has it in abundance. He seems to have a multitude of tricks up his sleeve for teaching and utilises many types of media to assist. There are video clips, sound bites, written documents, pictures, cartoons and fun games. I really look forward to our lessons.”

Andy (adult learner)

German conversational sessions and



If you are thinking of how to best prepare for a holiday in a German speaking country, planning a business trip or hoping to learn some conversational German for other purposes, I can offer you sessions which will be individually tailored.


The most important thing is to get you talking and, hopefully, you soon will be able to ignore - or even better overcome - your worries of ending up in an awkward situation, not knowing what to say next. As you know, most Germans speak English and will remember how they felt last time they got stuck. And don't forget, every learner is also a potential teacher and you might end up learning 'in tandem'.


Being able to introduce yourself and explaining which proficiency level you have reached so far, as well as to ask for directions, clarification or help will start you off.


Sessions can focus on pronunciation and retention of simple sentences to start and keep a basic conversation going, might incorporate roleplays and can include telephone, email and other communication routines and etiquettes, studying realia or playing board games


We can also focus on how to cope best with German registration and application forms or other examples of the so-called 'bureaucracy'. All good practice!


Let's get talking! 


"Auf los, geht's los!"


Call me, Sönke Beyer, on 07751149854

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 and, of course, for all ages and abilities.
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