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German tuition for all ages and abilities

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Services and packages for schools:

Learn with a German is a local language tuition service for learners of all ages and abilities.  With 20 years’ experience in the English education system and 16 years of very successful teaching of German at GCSE and A or IBDP Level, I tutor students, adults, as well as commercial clients.


I also offer schools certain services and packages that might be of interest to you, as well as staff and students at your school.


These include:


- mid- to long-term supply, e.g. covering

  maternity-/paternity- and sick-leave


supply teaching prebooked or on an ‘on-call’ basis


- staff CPD, upskilling non-German specialists

  (individuals and/or groups)


- conversational sessions with a native speaker

   (individuals, pair or small groups)


- preparation of learners for assessments and



- conduct of GCSE, A Level and IBDP speaking

   examinations and mock exams


- 'bridging days' or 'bridging courses' to get

   students 'up to speed' before they start their   

   German GCSE or post-16 course in September 


- private tuition for your students in or outside

   school, focusing on ‘catch-up’ at KS3 and

   especially addition support for KS4 and KS5

   students in the run-up to their GCSE and A

   Level (AQA, WJEC/eduqas, Pearson/Edexcel,

   Cambridge International), as well as IBDP

   German B (HL and SL) and German ab initio



- home tuition on behalf of the school - for

  students who are unable to attend school, e.g. 

  due to illness or anxiety


- planning, running and accompanying

   exchanges and/or visits and residentials 

   (previously run residentials in the UK and

   abroad, the Three-Peak-Challenge, as well as

   exchanges and visits to Germany, France, the

   UAE and Thailand)


- academic and pastoral tutoring of

  German/Austria/Swiss nationals who are

  spending the year or part of the year in your



If your school has other or additional requirements, I would be very happy to explore how I could support your students and staff.


I have more recently undergone the following training:

- College of Policing - Channel General Awareness Module (19/03/2018)

- Devon Safeguarding Boards - Safeguarding Children and Young People – Group 2 core E-learning (20/03/2018).


I would be very grateful, if you could discuss the above with the relevant colleagues and, in due time, would like to visit your school to introduce myself in person, as well as to discuss the above in further detail.


I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Call me, Sönke Beyer, on 07751149854

email info@learnwithagerman.com or
skype learnwithagerman

to arrange an initial consultation


in an area reaching from

Exeter to Plymouth and 

Torbay to Dartmoor

as well as ONLINE - worldwide

 and, of course, for all ages and abilities.
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