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Terms and Conditions: 

Terms and Conditions

for German tuition face-to-face or online


last revised on 11 June 2018


Please note that you automatically accept the terms and conditions listed below by booking your first tutoring session with me and that no written agreement will need to be in place to invoke these.




I normally offer face-to-face or online tuition - by appointment - at the following times:

Monday – Thursday    9am - 8pm

Friday and Saturday  10am - 6pm

Sunday                 Please get in touch to discuss possible Sunday tuition.


Additionally, I might also be available ‘out of hours’. Please contact me, if you would like to discuss sessions outside the above times.




I adapt my tuition style, methods and resources according to the tutees’ needs by aiming to tailor activities to suit the individual, pair or group.


Tuition sessions must take place in a quiet and ideally relaxed surrounding / room to allow the tutees and me to fully focus on the language learning.


Tuition sessions normally last for 60 to 90 minutes, but I will also run longer and consider shorter periods. These need to be agreed at the time of the booking. The length of tutoring depends on many different factors, such as starting point and expected outcome. At one end of the scale, I provide ‘crash-course’ or ‘top-up’ style programmes, aiming to reach a certain proficiency level within very limited time, and at the other, those suitable for life-long learners and those that substitute the tutee’s education at school, Further or Higher Education provider long-term, as well as those that solely focus on building exam confidence and familiarity with the exam papers and procedures.




I take pride in thoroughly preparing sessions, as well as reflecting and further improving these afterwards. Considerable time is also invested into marking and/or feeding back. Therefore, it is essential, if a tutee is not able to attend a scheduled session that I am informed as soon as possible. Please contact me on my mobile (07751149854) or send an email to info@learnwithagerman.com. This should allow both parties to reschedule the tuition slot in due time and for a mutually convenient alternative date within a working week (Monday – Saturday) of the postponed session.


Unfortunately, I will have to charge the session a tutee failed to attend and if cancelled with less than 48 hours’ notice. These will both incur the full charge for that scheduled session.


Should I not be able to deliver the session, I will aim to postpone it at the nearest convenient time for both parties. If this cannot be rescheduled within that working week, the session will have to be cancelled.



Cost of tuition:


Free* initial consultation:

I offer a 20-30 min consultation session free* of charge to establish personal learning needs and to suggest/discuss a programme of study.


Online tuition:
On MondaysTuesdaysWednesdays and Thursdays
I will then charge an hourly rate of 
- £30 for individuals
- £45 for pairs
- £70 for groups up to four.
Unfortunately, the hourly charge for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays is
- £50 for individuals
- £75 for pairs
- £90 for groups up to four.
Face-to-face (in person) tuition:
On MondaysTuesdaysWednesdays and Thursdays
I will charge an hourly rate of 
- £40* for individuals
- £55* for pairs
- £80* for groups up to four.
If you are interested in class sessions, please contact me to discuss a fee.
Unfortunately, the hourly charge for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays is
- £50* for individuals
- £75* for pairs
- £90* for groups up to four.
*NB: I will charge an additional £5+ to contribute to compensating for the time it takes to travel more than 20 miles.



Tutees can pay cash, by cheque, use PayPal or transfer the money. Please note that I do not accept card payment. On request, I can invoice and will issue receipts for payments made.


Cash or cheque:

Please let me know in advance, if you require a receipt for any cash payment.

All cheques must be payable to “Sönke Beyer”.


Bank transfer and invoices:

Payment for one or more lessons can be made by bank transfer. Details are available on request.

Many banking apps now also allow you to “Pay a mobile contact” by simply entering the amount and my mobile phone number (07751149854). If necessary, please contact your bank or building society for further details.

If you/your company require/s an invoice to be settled at the end of the calendar month, please provide me with the following details:

Name of the contact person, full address of company, including telephone number and email address of the contact person.

Electronic payment must reach me within five working days of the day the tuition took place. Delayed payments will trigger an additional fee of 25%.


Payment in advance:

Please note that payments made in advance are not refundable and would only be paid back under exceptional circumstances, i.e. if the tutee is no longer physically or mentally capable of participating in a face-to-face or online tuition. (A medical note from a GP or hospital doctor might be required.)



Borrowing or renting resources:

From time to time, I might suggest that tutees could/should borrow or rent one of my language learning resources. These resources are taken out at the tutee’s risk. In the unlikely event that the tutee should damage or lose the resource, it will be the tutee’s responsibility to replace the resource or to pay for it (in full – for new). By signing against the resource name in the table on a ‘Borrowing or renting resources’ form, tutees agree to replace damaged or lost resources or at least pay in full to allow me to replace it/them.


All the learning materials (hard and soft copies, as well as online resources) which I have created are copyright and tutees automatically, without any written contract, agree that they will only print these for their own personal use, as all rights will remain reserved. No part of these resources may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means whatsoever, neither electronic nor mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by an information storage and retrieval system without my expressed written permission.


Please note that I can also provide exercise-books, text-books and revision guides. However, this is usually the tutees’ responsibility.



Ending Tuition:

Should the tutee wish to end the tuition, please ensure that at least three weeks’ notice is given in writing. Tutees/parents or guardians of minors may either e-mail me or hand the communication to me in person. This should allow me to plan bringing my tutoring for the tutee to a satisfactory end and to rearrange my tuition diary.

Please note that I reserve the right to stop tuition at any point.




When I am tutoring minors, it is a necessity that a responsible adult is present in the dwelling at all times, as I can neither be held liable for looking after minors nor a dwelling or its content.


Although I support tutees within their school, FE, HE curriculum and in preparation for their exams, I do not provide a homework or assignment service, answering tasks meant to be the tutee’s own work, as institutions must not accept work which is not the candidate’s own.


I am not liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect, special, punitive or similar damages arising out of providing tutoring for tutees, any omissions or errors in the content of the used resources. Tutees, automatically and without written agreement, waive any and all claims arising out of the tutoring provided.


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

I have been registered with the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) since June 2018. Further details will be available of the printed Ts&Cs which I handout at the initial consultation meeting.

Call me, Sönke Beyer, on 07751149854

email info@learnwithagerman.com or
skype learnwithagerman

to arrange an initial consultation


in an area reaching from

Exeter to Plymouth and 

Torbay to Dartmoor

as well as ONLINE - worldwide

 and, of course, for all ages and abilities.
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